Buy Local Coffee

The Stuart Coffee Initiative's goal is to grow the local coffee culture in and around Stuart, Florida.  Stuart Florida has a charming downtown area where a great cup of coffee can be enjoyed and some local roasters that are producing excellent coffee as well.  

The Stuart Coffee Initiative aims to promote local business and local roasters.  

Coffee Roasters

Stuart has a growing coffee community with two coffee shops located directly in the heart of the downtown area and a third about to open.  While coffee has been roasted in Stuart for over 20 years, a smaller batch approach is just arriving to the downtown area.  

Culinary Coffee has been in Stuart since 2001 and has an impressive reach of coffee from the midwest to the south of Florida and all the way out to the Caribbean!  The roasters and gift shop are located at 1327 SE Dixie Road, Stuart Florida.

The Roasted Record started as a home roster in 2014 and has since grown to a Small batch commercial roaster providing coffee to many local businesses and selling coffee to individuals online.  The Roasted Record also focuses on the resurgence of Vinyl records in the area and arranged Vinyl Nights at local bars and coffee houses such as coffee bar Blue Door.  

The Roasted Record is opening a retail Roastery Cafe at 427 s Colorado Avenue just outside the downtown area.  This is a new concept for coffee shops not only in Stuart or South Florida, but also in the United states.  Coffee will be roasted on a Diedrich IR12 which is located in a Vinyl Record Shop next to the coffee bar and cafe!


 Until opening, you may visit the to shop for merchandise and coffee.

Coffee Shops

Although we are a local company, we aren't new to the coffee industry and are dedicated to obtaining coffee that was responsibly sourced and grown to the highest standards.  We believe in paying a fair amount of money to the farmers from which obtain our beans.  We work with small farms and large importers to make sure that we know exactly where our beans were grown.  This is one of the basic steps to ethical coffee sourcing.

Coffee that is roasted in Stuart can be found at coffee bar Blue Door and at the soon to be opened Roasted Record Roastery Cafe.  We are excited to offer coffee that is responsibly sustained and roasted right here in Stuart, Florida.